The Holland-based photographer Boy Surminski has captured his ideals about art, the uniqueness of individuals and the diversity of human beauty.
After starting a study to become a nurse. His creative side and passion for photography took over and he changed his studies. He graduated from the University of Applied Photography in Venlo and has been working as a freelance photographer ever since.
In his art, he shows the unique and special bond that is formed between the person portrayed and the photographer. Not just his choice for the right subject, also the quality of fitting light make it an intruing and acrimonious whole.
Boy Surminski has been fortunate to have won several international awards in his short career as a photographer.

2018 Monovisions Photography Award, 2nd place in portrait category
2018 Fine-art Photography Award, 2nd place winner in category people
2018 Head On Photo Award, finalist
2018 International Color Award, 1st place Outstanding Achievement category portrait
2017 ND Award Photo Contest, Photographer of the year in category people
2017 Moscow International Foto Award, 1ste place winner subcategory People-Portrait, 2nd place winner subcategory Fine-art portrait, 2nd place winner subcategory people-children
2017 Kuala Lumpur Photography Awards, Top 25 Finalist
2017 PX3 Photography Awards, Gold Winner category Culture, Bronze winner category portraiture
2017 International Color Awards, 1ste place Outstanding Achievement
2016 NEW Dutch Photography Talent

2018 Pingyao International Photography Festival
2018 Australia Head On Photo Festival
2018 Enschede Fotogalerie Objektief
2017 Kuala Lumpur Portrait Awards
2016 Amsterdam NEW dutch photography talent
2015 Venlo

His work has been published in magazines such as Elegant Magazine, HUF magazine, MINT magazine, VOLANT magazine, PERIOD magazine, COOL UK magazine, IGONE magazine, VULKAN magazine, Ellements Magazine, Solstice Magazine, PICTON Magazine

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